Course on Social Responsibility for Medical Students

Elective module for students in the International Medical University  “Radiation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

An MPSR initiative to encourage social responsibility among youth

During 27 Jan – 13 Feb., 2015, MPSR conducted an elective module for fifty three (53) medical, dental and pharmacy students at IMU.

The course was designed and taught by MPSR members, led by Dr. R.S McCoy, with input and participation from Drs. Thong Kok Wai, M. Thuraiappah, Indra Pathmanathan (module coordinator) and Michael Samy, and friends of MPSR, namely Drs. K Arichandran, Chan Chee Khoon and Francis Lopez.

It consisted of 6 lecture discussion sessions, a student led exhibition, a student debate, and included an end of module student assessment based on a written essay and individual or group performances during the exhibition and debate. The marks from the assessment were submitted to IMU. The topics included in the module were

  • Radiation Science: the basics

  • Radiation and the Human Body

  • The Nuclear Industry

  • Rare earth mineral mining

  • Nuclear war

  • Mobilizing community support on social issues

  • The exhibition was: Prevention of nonnuclear war and unintended exposure to radiation

  • The debate was” Nuclear energy is not an option for Malaysia

  • The Essay topic was: The human and environmental impact of nuclear accidents.

The students were enthusiastic and innovative, and several of them appeared to be genuinely motivated to carry forward the key messages that the module aimed to inculcate.

We  hope the experience gained in this activity will enable MPSR to replicate the activity in other institutions of higher learning so as to encourage the concept of shouldering social responsibility among Malaysian students.

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